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Baldurs Gate Siege of Dragonspear-RELOADED

Posted 31 Mar 2016, 22:24 in PC GAMES


Though Sarevok is dead and his plan for war averted, peace eludes the citizens of Baldur’s Gate. A crusade marches from the north, seizing supplies, forcing locals into military service, and disrupting trade along the Sword Coast.

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Blue Sheep-CODEX

Posted 31 Mar 2016, 18:37 in PC GAMES


Blue sheep is a Platformer Adventure set in a strange world, plagued by the physical manifestation of misery, known as the Beast. Play as the Outsider, experiencing the memories of a warrior who once opposed the Beast.

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Guilty Gear 2 Overture-CODEX

Posted 31 Mar 2016, 18:27 in PC GAMES


The ultimate melee action “GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE-” is now on Steam!! Pushing “Gameplay” and “Entertainment” to the extremes, with a splash of “Competitiveness” — That’s GUILTY GEAR 2 for you.

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Ashes of the Singularity-CODEX + Updates

Posted 31 Mar 2016, 18:07 in PC GAMES


Planet by planet, a war is raging across the galaxy. The technological singularity has given humanity the power to expand further than they ever have before. Now, they compete with each other and their sentient artificial intelligence adversaries for control of newfound worlds.

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Hyper Light Drifter-HI2U

Posted 31 Mar 2016, 12:13 in PC GAMES


Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with dangers and lost technologies.

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Epistory Typing Chronicles-PLAZA

Posted 31 Mar 2016, 11:27 in PC GAMES


Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric action/adventure game where you play a girl riding a giant fox who clears out an insectile corruption from an origami world. As you progress and explore this world, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.

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Leap of Fate-CODEX

Posted 30 Mar 2016, 16:15 in PC GAMES


Leap of Fate is a furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelite about overcoming your fears and achieving your fate. In a New York City where magic is real, you play as a technomage who must develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates. Can you survive the trials?

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Crystal Rift-PLAZA

Posted 30 Mar 2016, 15:46 in PC GAMES


A grid-based dungeon-crawler, in classic first person perspective. An experiential horror challenge game that takes the player through a series of increasingly mysterious locations. Also includes Virtual Reality support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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Posted 29 Mar 2016, 22:34 in PC GAMES


Action and deckbuilding are combined in a Galactic Game Show – but questions are replaced by deadly Gladiator Battles! You are the contestant – will you die or become a crowd favorite?

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Trial by Viking-CODEX

Posted 29 Mar 2016, 22:15 in PC GAMES


Trial by Viking is a deep single-player action platformer with Metroidvania-like elements. As an agent of Odin, you will travel through the dark worlds of the Norse gods, explore cavernous dungeons hunting for treasure, race for your life from surprise traps, encounter tricky puzzles, and have vicious axe

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