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Train Simulator 2015-SKIDROW

Posted 20 Sep 2014, 23:02 in PC GAMES

Train Simulator 2015 SKIDROW


The best just got even better! Dovetail Games pushes the boundaries of simulation once again with Train Simulator 2015!

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Wasteland 2-CODEX

Posted 19 Sep 2014, 8:53 in PC GAMES

Wasteland 2 CODEX

The Wasteland series impressive and innovative lineage has been preserved at its very core, but modernized for the fans of today with Wasteland 2. Immerse yourself in turn-based tactical combat that will test the very limits of your strategy skills as you fight to survive a desolate world where brute strength alone isn’t enough to save…

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Divinity Original Sin Update v1.0.169 Incl DLC-RELOADED

Posted 18 Sep 2014, 23:16 in GAME UPDATES, PC GAMES

Divinity Original Sin Update v1.0.169 Incl DLC RELOADED

Divinity: Original Sin is a prequel adventure in the epic Divinity RPG franchise by Larian Studios. The orcs of Tanoroth are on the march, wielding magic never seen before: bloody, deadly, reality-bending. The free nations of Rivellon are about to fall beneath their blades.

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Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut-CODEX

Posted 18 Sep 2014, 22:56 in PC GAMES

Shadowrun Dragonfall Directors Cut CODEX

Harebrained Schemes’ biggest Shadowrun game to date, and the definitive Shadowrun RPG experience available on PC. Now a standalone title with tons of new content & improvements!

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Endless Legend-RELOADED

Posted 18 Sep 2014, 17:28 in PC GAMES

Endless Legend RELOADED


Endless Legend is a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game by the creators of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. Create your own Legend!

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Pro Rugby Manager 2015-CODEX

Posted 18 Sep 2014, 17:13 in PC GAMES

Pro Rugby Manager 2015 CODEX

Take the lead of your favourite rugby union team. Pro Rugby Manager 2015 covers all aspects of the challenges of a real rugby union manager: guarantee sporting success on the field and financial success off it and be the next Champion!

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Battle Academy 2 Eastern Front-CODEX

Posted 18 Sep 2014, 11:33 in PC GAMES

Battle Academy 2 Eastern Front CODEX

Sequel to its successful predecessor, Battle Academy 2 moves the action east – to the bloodied plains of Mother Russia. When a gritty new look, great new features, and random mission generation meet battle-proven gameplay you can be sure of a turn-based strategy classic!

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Doorways The Underworld-CODEX

Posted 18 Sep 2014, 10:55 in PC GAMES

Doorways The Underworld CODEX

Doorways: Doorways: The Underworld is a first person horror adventure, featuring a complex story and deep atmosphere. It will challenge you with its fast-paced gameplay and breathtaking visuals and sounds, so prepare to immerse yourself in a terrifying psychological experience.

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