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Trading commodities while sneaking past hostile forces, racing the best pilots in the area, mining for diamonds, negotiating for survival, spying for a curious energy company, cleaning dirty solar arrays, transporting an impatient passenger… and that’s just on a Monday. The life of an independent mercenary is rarely without excitement.

Trading commodities while sneaking past hostile forces, racing the best pilots in the area, mining for diamonds, negotiating for survival, spying for a curious energy company, cleaning dirty solar arrays, transporting an impatient passenger… and that’s just on a Monday. The life of an independent mercenary is rarely without excitement. At times, you may choose to work under contract, while at others, you may want to take matters into your own hands in a quest to build your reputation and fortune. Your spacecraft awaits. Your adventure begins in the Sapphire solar system.

In Evochron, you are free to seek your fortune as an independent mercenary in an adventure directed by your choices, abilities, and accomplishments. Each player can bring their unique skills and interests to the game, forming clans for cooperative goals or remaining solo to complete objectives on their own in true freeform space-sim gameplay.

Key Features:

True freeform gameplay without plot restrictions, conditions, or limitations. No character attribute/skill limitations to hold you back. Experience ultimate gameplay freedom and play the game the way you want to. Your decisions and abilities define your role in the game and establish your reputations, wealth, progress, and ranking.
Diverse gameplay choices and activities including racing, spying, mining, trading, commodity shipping, escorting, combat (both in civilian space and military war zones), exploring, asteroid clearing, equipment cleaning, crew management, station building, and ship designing. There are many ways to make money and advance in the game.
A vast seamless universe that lets you fly anywhere without in-game loading screens. The Evochron universe is not boxed in by ‘walls’ or ‘rooms’ that require a jumpgate ‘door’ to access, there are no required gates or trade lanes to restrict your travel and hold you back. You can travel virtually anywhere you want. Descend into planet atmospheres to land at city trade stations, mine valuable materials, or explore for hidden items. You can escape to nebula clouds for sensor cover or hide in a massive asteroid cave for protection. Fly from planet to planet, star to star, and solar system to solar system.
Unified gameplay architecture and profiles let you keep the ship, upgrades, equipment, money, weapons, crew, and commodities you acquire in the game for use in both single player and multiplayer.
Cooperative multiplayer objectives that pay all linked players. Join forces with other players to complete more challenging activities that can offer much better pay.
Construct space stations to dynamically expand the game’s universe with new trade routes, docking points, and economies. The online multiplayer system stores player built stations with the server so other players can have access to the new stations and trade routes you create.
Specialized industries and economies provide realistically variable item availability and pricing.
Use your wealth to design and build a new ship, buy better weapons, hire crew members, recruit other ships, install upgrades, load commodities, and more.
Advanced physics system features velocity adjusted acceleration curves and accounts for mass, thrust, and vector calculations. Realistic zero gravity inertia based ‘Newtonian’ style flight model including complete 3-way rotation and 3-way direction control with optional variable input. An advanced inertial dampening system helps keep flight control simple in space, atmospheres, and gravity fields.
Realistic environment interaction far beyond the genre’s typical ‘background wallpaper’. Nebula clouds, asteroid fields, planet atmospheres, moons, and more all provide unique options for shelter and strategy. Such environment elements include changes in gravity, fuel consumption, physics, sensor range, and visibility.
Supports keyboard, mouse, gamepad, and joystick flight control. Use the control device you prefer to play the game.
Supports Natural Point’s TrackIR 3D head control system for managing the viewpoint from the cockpit with all six degrees of movement.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz AMD/Intel
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 750 MB
Video Card: 128 MB DirectX Compatible
DirectX®: 9.0c







Evochron Mercenary v1.828

(c) by StarWraith 3D Games

Date: 22-02-2012             Protection: Custom serial

Release: Retail             by SupaSta
Keygen             by FrenFolio & Ignite


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  1. Chaos (09 Jun 2012)
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    It says “n/a”.

  2. sitz (09 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    I am downloading now, and if I can play it I’ll let you know what I think about this game. I hope it’s better than Gemini Wars… How I hope it is.

  3. sitz (09 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

    How can this be a free form game this small? (231 Meg)? Anyone else try this game, and see if it’s legit?

  4. sitz (09 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

    Guys, Girls, and Aliens out there. If you are so keen to play these type of games, go for something better like X3.Albion.Prelude-Skidrow download.

    It’s a far superior game to play.

  5. lolololLOL (09 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    thanks skidrow i been waiting for a game like this!! <3

  6. Chris (09 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    Thanks Skidrow for upload in jumbofiles. Great!

  7. Joe (09 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    Thanks !!

    it’s a great game

  8. soldat15 (10 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    looks awesome *—* thaaaanx

  9. sitz (10 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    Here is a review… This game appears to be better than I thought at first.


  10. sitz (12 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    You know, I have not seen so much packed into such a small game size. I mean you get so much from what 250 megs.

    Best part you can continue your character in SP, and MP. This is a really cool game, and worth for you to take a look at.

    believe me, this is a pretty cool game, and well worth the money.

  11. sitz (12 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

    Oh one more thing I forgot to mention, support the team who created this. they definitely deserve your money guys…BUY the game!

  12. Anony (28 Jun 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

    They released a game on DVD that will fit on a CD and still be half empty…

  13. DogbarMax (06 Aug 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    The game is so small because most of it is procedurally generated, unlike other games where everything is pre-loaded evochron generates the universe based on a set of instructions and assets. This means it can be very small to download but build itself into a huge universe when you run it.

  14. Herman647 (06 Nov 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    Can anyone give me a serial key? I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find one, I got this off tpb and all it gave me was an installer, that didn’t get me very far :S

  15. dirt (16 Dec 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

    Any chance you guys will make crack for Version 2 that come out a few weeks ago…?

  16. Daz (21 Dec 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 13 Thumb down 0

    Another vote for Version 2 please….!

  17. bgmaster (24 Dec 2012)
    Reply | Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

    Need new keygen or crack. The old keygen doesnt work with 2.x versions.

  18. pyro (23 Mar 2013)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    @sitz, 1 man made this all :)

  19. Diego Froneberger (25 Jan 2014)
    Reply | Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    Hey there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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