Zombie Vikings-CODEX

Posted 07 Dec 2015, 20:52 in PC GAMES


From the creators of indie smash hit Stick It to The Man! comes a new one to four-player co-op stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon. Embark on a dead funny adventure with the Zombie Vikings. A putrid posse sent on a mission through the most epic of worlds to retrieve Odin’s lost eye.


Posted 07 Dec 2015, 15:38 in PC GAMES



DiRT Rally captures the essence of what makes rally unique – that sense of trying to remain in control, as you hurtle along dangerous, undulating roads at breakneck speed, aiming to squeeze everything out of your car whilst knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time.

Waste Walkers-HI2U

Posted 06 Dec 2015, 3:05 in PC GAMES


Corrosive Studios is proud to introduce Waste Walkers! A unique, post-apocalyptic role playing game. Waste Walkers allows players to discover the horrors of the apocalypse through a harsh struggle for survival.

Beatbuddy On Tour REPACK-HI2U

Posted 06 Dec 2015, 2:40 in PC GAMES


ROCK SYMPHONIA WITH BEATBUDDY! Experience a fast paced action game set in the Beatbuddy universe! Help Beatbuddy to play awesome concerts all over Symphonia and master 36 funky levels in this SPIN-OFF from the awarded STEAM game Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians.

AX EL Air XenoDawn-HI2U

Posted 06 Dec 2015, 2:25 in PC GAMES


Combining the very best of sci-fi and aerial dogfighting gameplay, AX:EL delivers a totally new gaming experience. Create your very own shape-shifting vehicle and dominate both the sky and the ocean.

Fall of the Titanic-HI2U

Posted 05 Dec 2015, 13:54 in PC GAMES


In Fall of the Titanic, set foot onboard the Titanic again, exploring the ship deck for deck. Discover what the layout, structure and purpose of the ship was like in 1912, and experience the tragic sinking by yourself.

The Ritual on Weylyn Island-CODEX

Posted 05 Dec 2015, 13:44 in PC GAMES


The Ritual on Weylyn Island is a First-Person Survival Horror Story set on a remote island in the Pacific North West. Inspired by classic horror movies, The Ritual on Weylyn Island is a weapons-free, story-driven action adventure game.

Into the Void-HI2U + CrackFix

Posted 04 Dec 2015, 20:37 in PC GAMES


Into the Void is a strategy RPG and exploration sci-fi game with an epic story and intense battles. Travel threw space and discover the origin of a cosmic threat which destroyed Earth centuries ago. Fight or cooperate with the different factions; be a leader !