BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2-RELOADED

Posted 25 Mar 2014, 22:45 in GAME UPDATES, PC GAMES

BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2 RELOADED


See the world through Elizabeth’s eyes in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two. Set immediately after the conclusion of Burial at Sea – Episode One, this final episode puts you in the role of Elizabeth as she journeys through Rapture in an effort to rescue the little sister she abandoned.


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Betrayer is a first person action adventure game that takes you to the New World at the turn of the 17th century. The year is 1604. You sailed from England expecting to join a struggling colony on the coast of Virginia. Instead, you find only ghosts and mysteries. What catastrophe blighted the land and drained it of color and life?

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z-CODEX

Posted 22 Mar 2014, 15:10 in PC GAMES

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z CODEX

Step into a living comic book in this new take on the Ninja Gaiden series. Brandishing his ninja sword and the mecha weapons in his cyber arm, Yaiba slaughters zombies with brutal, over-the-top abandon. Will you slice enemies to pieces, crush them with Yaiba’s cyborg arm or just rip off a zombie’s arms to use as nunchucks?

ARMA 3 Complete Campaign Edition-RELOADED

Posted 22 Mar 2014, 0:37 in PC GAMES

ARMA 3 Complete Campaign Edition RELOADED

Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox. Deploying a wide variety of single- and multiplayer content, over 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, and limitless opportunities for content creation, the PC’s premier military game series is back. Authentic, diverse, open – Arma 3 sends you to war.