The Inquisitor Book I The Plague-RELOADED

Posted 10 Jul 2013, 13:18 in PC GAMES

The Inquisitor Book I The Plague RELOADED

The medieval adventure casts players in the dual roles of Nicolas Eymerich and his partner, friar Jacinto Corona. A cruel man whose only goal is to combat Satan, Eymerich assumes the mantle of Grand Inquistor when sent to a French territory where the Catholic Church has lost its influence.

The Walking Dead 400 Days-HI2U

Posted 10 Jul 2013, 13:15 in PC GAMES

The Walking Dead 400 Days HI2U


Centered on a truck stop on a Georgia highway, The Walking Dead – 400 Days is a DLC episode for Season One of Telltale’s award-winning game series. 400 Days tells five linked stories; each taking place at different points in time and from the point of view of a different survivor, from day one of the undead apocalypse to day 400.


Posted 10 Jul 2013, 12:13 in PC GAMES


Ninja Guy, the bizarre and humorous Ninja Action Adventure has now come to the desktop! Ninja Guy has generated somewhat of a cult following on iOS and Android, gaining over 300, 000 downloads and building up over 68,000 Ninja Guy fans on Facebook!

Of Orcs And Men-SKIDROW

Posted 08 Jul 2013, 18:48 in PC GAMES

Of Orcs And Men SKIDROW


Lead the revolution of the Orcs and Goblins! In a world at war, the vast Empire of Men tries to extend its domination over the territories of the Orcs and Goblins, who are systematically persecuted, enslaved and massacred. Through this great role-playing game, lead a fearsome Orc warrior, and a Goblin master of assassination and stealth.


Posted 04 Jul 2013, 9:44 in PC GAMES

Receiver WaLMaRT

Receiver was created for the 7-day FPS challenge to explore gun handling mechanics, randomized levels, and unordered storytelling. Armed only with a handgun and an audio cassette player, you must uncover the secrets of the Mindkill in a building complex infested with automated turrets and hovering shock drones.

Rogue Legacy-WaLMaRT

Posted 04 Jul 2013, 9:42 in PC GAMES

Rogue Legacy WaLMaRT

Rogue Legacy is a genealogical rogue-”LITE” where anyone can be a hero. Each time you die, your child will succeed you. Every child is unique. One child might be colorblind, another might have tourettes– they could even be a dwarf. That’s OK, because no one is perfect, and you don’t have to be perfect to win this game.


Posted 04 Jul 2013, 9:40 in PC GAMES

Zombusters VACE

Zombusters is a fun and action-packed 3rd person game that will let you sticked on your seat until the end. Its 2D graphics and isometric view make it a different specie in its genre. You will have to face a horde of Zombies that try to get you down with the help of various weapons/power ups and differents moving styles.