How to Download Files Protected with Safelinking

SafeLinking is simply a link protection service, it offers ways in protecting links, such as the implementation of link containers and masked direct links, just to name a few. Downloading from links protected by SafeLinking is actually easy, it doesn’t need more than a minute if you’re already used to it, but there’s always a first time to anything and that’s why I created this thread.

To download files protected by SafeLinking you’ll need:

1. A Download Manager Application
2. Premium Account (Strongly Recommended)

Download Using Internet Download Manager

Perhaps Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the best and most popular download manager available to internet users, and you’ve probably already have it installed as I speak, if you don’t have it then you can get it here.

After you installed IDM, Go to Downloads Tab then choose Options

Go to Sites Login Tab and enter you Premium Account details

Now we’re done with integrating the premium account to IDM, it’s time to deal with the protected links, just open the link in a new tab, and solve the Captcha.

After you solve the Captcha, you’ll see a set of masked direct links, copy all the links to IDM for queuing,

then go to Tasks Tab and choose Add Batch Download from clipboard.

IDM will then queue the masked direct links and decrypt them to get the actual links.

Tick ‘Check All’ and you’re good to go.

Download Using jDownloader

jDownloader might not as popular as IDM, but it offers many features which IDM doesn’t have, such as downloading protected links directly using the main link, which made it easier to download files protected by SafeLinking using this free application. You need Java Runtime to run jDownloader.

Open up jDownloader, go to Premium Tab and choose Premium Settings…

and input your premium account details.

Copy the SafeLinking link, go to Linkgrabber Tab and choose Add URL(s)

After you hit parse URL jDownloader will decrypt and sort the links, sometime you’ll find SafeLinking links which are protected with reCAPTCHA and or Password, just solve them and you’re good to go.

In this tutorial I tried to address all the steps, my purpose is to make this tutorial ‘noob friendly’, but there might be something you couldn’t follow in this tutorial, in that case just reply and dont hesitate to ask.

Thanks and happy downloading.